Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Photo and Recipe By: Ann and Ming

This afternoon I spent a couple of hours making a Greek Bean Soup called Fasolada. We are having it for dinner with sub sandwiches which I am making with some left over pork roast. I honestly wish I had seen this recipe for Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes sooner as I would have certainly loved to have made them as a little something special on the side with our dinner for tonight. They would make a lovely and colorful presentation and appetizer on any table and they appear so simple to make. I will have to try these soon for sure. Thanks to Ann and Ming for the photo and this lovely recipe.


Cherry tomatoes,

Black olives,


Olive oil,


Shredded cheddar & Monterey jack cheese

Directions :

1) Hollow out the tomatoes & fill them w/cheeses (cheddar & monterey jack)

2) Place the tomatoes under the broiler for about 5 mins /until the cheese starts to melt

3) Ligthly brown some garlic in olive oil

4) Drizzle the tomatoes w/ some garlic & olive oil

5) Garnish w/ basil & black olives

Cherry Tomatoes: Wikipedia

A cherry tomato is a smaller garden variety of tomato. It is marketed at a premium to ordinary tomatoes, and is popular as a snack and in salads. Cherry tomatoes are generally considered to be similar but not identical to the wild precursor of the domestic tomato. They are often sweeter than standard tomatoes. They are often referred to as tommy-toes.
Cherry tomatoes range in size from a thumbtip up to the size of a golf ball, and can range from being spherical to slightly oblong in shape. The more oblong ones often share characteristics with plum tomatoes, and are known as grape tomatoes.
The cherry tomato has 24 chromosomes, and its scientific name is Solanum lycopersicum cerasiforme.
There are a number of cherry tomato varieties. The Santorini cherry tomato is cultivated in Santorini (Greece), and is known for its flavour and body. International conferences dedicated to the cultivation, horticulture and agriculture of the cherry tomato are also held at Santorini. Another popular variety often grown in American gardens is Sweet 100, named for its flavor and prolific production.

How To Grow Cherry Tomatoes

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  1. Sounds like a great appetizer! Such great presentation! Nice job!