Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Designer Cupcakes.....Too Pretty To Eat?

Photo By: cakejourmal

Photo By: busybaking

Now here is food art in its best form! A cupcake that is too pretty to eat.....well I am sure there are more where these came from. Cupcakes seem to be the biggest rage in baking these recent days. Well if you have a creative imagination and a little flair for decorating you just might find yourself tipping the cupcake tins with some gorgeous yummies just like these. Here is a VIDEO with Dede Wilson, author of "A Baker's Field Guide to Cupcakes" as she talks with the "Today Show's", Natalie Morales about ways to add these delightful treats to your holiday menu.

You might also like to have a peek at the following Cupcake Blogs where you will find some fascinating recipes for cupcakes and decorating them.....mind you..... enter with a joyful heart and a sweet tooth.

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