Thursday, February 2, 2012


Cherry Rippled Vanilla Frozen Yogurt


Patricia Scarpin never ceases to amaze me with her absolutely delightful recipes on her
Technicolor Kitchen Food Blog.  I have been a fan of Patricia and her Food Blog for three years now.  What I love so much about her Blog is her finesse in photography, making everything she creates look like something to die for.  I have included one of her gorgeous photos above to give you an example of what I am talking about, and what you will have to look forward to when you visit her outstanding Blog.  The first taste that I ever had at Patricia's Blog was a recipe of hers for Lime and Macadamia Fudge.  When I first saw the photo I knew immediately that it was something I had to make immediately.  Be sure to check the recipe out when you have the time to have a look at Patricia's Blog.  Also you will find the recipe for the above on her Blog as well.



Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Pavlova: A Slice Of New Zealand

I have decided to go ahead and post the recipe which I use for a Pavlova.  This particular one calls for using cherries as the topping, however you may find that you would like to choose your own topping.  I usually enjoy strawberries.  This recipe has been sourced from the Becks and Posh Food Blog.  You can find the URL below to visit their site and to enjoy other recipes available at this site. The following is the recipe for the pavlova.

Almond Cherry Pavlovas

Serves four

2 egg whites, room temperature
1/4 cup Bakers[US] or Castor[UK] sugar
1/4 cup Soft, Light Brown Sugar
1/8 cup Ground Almonds
1/2 teaspoon Distilled White Vinegar
1/2 pint of whipping or double cream
2 cups fresh cherries, stoned
1/2 cup flaked almonds
1 heaped tablespoon Bakers[US] or Castor[UK] sugar


- Preheat the oven to 250F
- Whisk the egg whites until they form stiff peaks
- Slowly beat in the 1/2 cup brown/white sugar until the meringue is thick & glossy
- Gently fold in the ground almonds and the vinegar
- Spoon the meringue onto a silpat-lined baking sheet, forming four nest-like circles
- Pop the meringues into the oven for 35 minutes
- Turn the oven off, leaving the meringues there for at least 1.5 hours or overnight

Before Serving:

- Whip the cream until it thickens to the consistency of a soft, pillowy cloud
- Put the flaked almonds and 1 heaped tablespoon sugar into a small skillet
- Heat to medium whilst stirring constantly
- After a few minutes the sugar will start to caramelize
- Keep stirring to coat the nuts
- Once all the nuts are sticky and golden, remove from the heat to cool and crisp

- To serve, assemble meringue, then cream, cherries and finally almonds

This recipe is sourced from:
Becks and Posh Food Blog



Happy New Year Foodies

Well I just cannot believe it has been almost 2 years since I have posted anything to my Cooking Blog, and my other personal Blogs as well.  I have had numerous committments which have prevented me from staying in touch through my Cooking Blog "Platter Chatter With Patricia", and my fond hope is for me to start posting regularly now again with some exciting recipes, food articles, cookbook reviews, and other items to enhance your appetite.  I desperately need to tidy up  my right hand panel on this page with some refreshing new links for you to enjoy.  I will also be doing the same on my other Blogs so it may mean that my site will be somewhat be under a new construction phase, however there is still plenty to see nonetheless.  I have added some new cookbooks to my library so you may want to have a look at those.  They are ones that have been sitting in my collection for a while, but over the weekend I retrieved them to have a whole new look at them again with the hopes of inspiring some special new recipes.  Have a look through the right hand panel as there is still a lot to see and for you to enjoy.  Please make note that today I added a link about The History of The Pavlova.  Over the Christmas Holidays my husband made one and it was so scrumptious I had to have a hand in making one myself 2 weeks later.  It too was out of this world.  A Pavlova may not be known to some people outside New Zealand or Australia, so hop on over to the panel to the link where you will find the History of the Pavlova.  This week I will be posting my personal Pavlova recipe...I do think you will enjoy it very much.  Also I had been speaking to my dear sister in Michigan (I live in New Zealand by the way) over the holidays and we were having a good chat about Pavlovas.  Well Gayle had never made one before and I kept telling her that she just has to make one for her son-in-law who hails from New Zealand.  The Pavlova basically being a New Zealand recipe, I felt it would be a great Christmas Holiday surprise to spring on her daughter and her husband.  Anyway the upshot of it was that she wound up finding a pavlova recipe that was a chocolate one....virtually unheard of here in New Zealand.  She wound up making it for her family and it was loved by all, so now I will have to try the chocolate one myself.  Who knows I might be introducing a new version of the pavlova in New Zealand.  So I thought the perfect thing to start the New Year would be to post my first recipe for the New Year: The Pavlova.  I will plan on posting it tomorrow as I would like to spend several hours today in tidying up my Food Blog so you will have much more to enjoy when you pop on over for a visit.

In the meantime, keep those whisks shiny and may you have at least one chicken in the pot!