Monday, July 30, 2007

Romancing The Pizza Stone

Next to the grand inventions of the electric drip coffee maker, the food processor, and a digital camera for food blogging, the Pizza Baking Stone just has to be one of the greatest innovations ever designed for the kitchen. It would be amazing to think that any kitchen could be without one. Pizza is an all time favorite for most people I would think, and making your own pizza has to be one of the most fun, quick, and easiest thing to prepare in the kitchen. When time is of the essence, and you are looking for some comfort food to save your appetite, or for a special treat for that 40th Birthday Party, try a homemade pizza. Now making a good pizza does not have to mean going through the trouble and time of making a dough base. We often purchase the prepared pizzas at the supermarket.....the ones that don't have much on them...very plain Jane in fact, as we love to add our own variety of toppers to them. My next post today will be a recipe for our standard homemade pizza adding our own toppers which is a favorite of ours. If you prefer making your own pizza dough, here is a good link for a basic easy dough recipe , and another good link for a video "how to" to prepare and shape the dough once you have your dough ready.

Pizza Stones can be purchased at most supermarkets and department stores for under $20....and they will literally last forever. The best thing about the pizza stone is that it offers you the benefit of the perfect crust and the stone is so easy to clean.
I would love your comments as to what you consider the best kitchen invention. Now for a good cup of coffee, and I am contemplating that last slice of pizza for lunch. Be sure to check out our homemade pizza recipe later today.

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  1. I have so so been so tempted to purchase a pizza stone for quite some time now. I can see I am just going to have to now.